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The smartLAB® family of HMM Group includes a variety of high quality diagnostic products for a comprehensive Health Care Management. Convince yourself of our product line, which was compiled in accordance with our slogan "Health in Perfection" and is continually extended through innovative products.

Blood Pressure

Convenient Blood Pressure Monitors for your wrist or fully automatic upper arm devices, enough memory and devices which tell you via color..

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Blood Glucose

The perfect meter for everybody - besides high accuracy and an attractive design, the Blood Glucose Meters of the HMM smartLAB® family offer different product qualities, according to your personal needs and therapy requirements.

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Your irreplaceable partner for your weight control – the smartLAB® scales allow an accurate weight measurement. Additionally body fat, muscle mass, body water as well as bone mass can be displayed.

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Moving is a good exercize! If you want to count your daily amount of walked steps or if you want to improve personal fitness by individual exercise..

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In our fitness section, you will find products that help you implement your individual fitness plan.


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